Preparing Your Car to Trade It In

Getting a new car is a major decision. Next to buying a home, buying a car will be most people’s largest purchase. With this in mind, the consumer wants to get the best deal possible on the new car of their choice. Trading in an old vehicle is one way of getting a better deal on a new car. By following a few simple steps, the new car buyer can increase the value of his trade in.
In preparing a car to trade it in, the first step is cleaning. Start with the car’s interior. Thoroughly vacuum the seats and floors. Make sure to get into every nook and cranny possible. Child Car Seat Guidelines Clean the car mats as well. Also, don’t neglect the trunk while vacuuming. It may take time to get rid of all the accumulated dirt, but it is well worth the time and the effort.
Also, make sure to dust and thoroughly clean the car’s steering wheel. Dust and clean the remainder of the car’s dash making sure that all of the instrument panels are smudge free.
A final point on the car’s interior is remember to check the smell. Make sure the car smells fresh. You can work some baking soda into the carpet fibers to absorb any odors or use a small amount of something like Fabreeze. Do not use to much product. The interior is a small space and is often closed up and can be overpowering.
Next, work on cleaning your car’s exterior. Wash and clean thoroughly making sure to remove all the dirt and soap deposits before taking the car to the trade in appraisal. Be sure to clean the tires thoroughly as well.
When you are cleaning the outside of the car, check for any small imperfections in paint. It will be well worth the small cost of buying a small canister of touch up paint to conceal Van Covers door dings and paint flake offs which detract from your cars appearance. Anything that will improve your trade in’s appearance is going to go a long way to bringing a better price.
If your car has some mechanical problems, these will certainly lower the trade in value. Make sure to correct any minor problems before getting the trade in appraisal. For instance, it will be cost effective to replace any burnt out bulbs in the front or rear of the car. Making sure that the wiper blades are in good condition is another cost effective minor repair. Fix anything that is inexpensive to bolster you car’s trade in value.
Finally, make sure to take your car’s service records to your trade in appraisal. This will demonstrate that you have carefully followed the manufacturer’s recommendations for keeping the car in proper condition.
Taking these simple steps will allow you to get your car ready to trade in, and you will stand the best chance of receiving the most money for your trade.

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