Oakland Roadster Classic Car Show

The Oakland Roadster Show has reached its sixty-two years of active showcasing. It was recently held from 28th to 30th January, 2011 at the Fairplex in Pomona. It is well known as the world longest running indoor car show. It is still organized at the Fairplex in Pomona after 8 successive years. Oakland Roadster Show is actually named the Grand National Roadster Show. However, many people including the media call it the Oakland Roadster Show, possibly because it was originally held at the Oakland Exhibition Hall, Tenth & Fallon St. The first show was held in the year 1950 in Oakland, California. It was promoted by Al Slonaker. It was later held at the Oakland Coliseum until the year 1997. The year of 1997 was the last year where the show was held in Oakland. In 1998, the Oakland Roadster Show was held at the Concourse in a warehouse that was converted for this car show. It is a building with age and wood beams can be seen around the building. The building is carpeted too. However, it has a leaking roof and inconvenient parking and these problems caused the show to be relocated. After that, this car show was held at various places across the Bay. In 1999, it was held at the Cow Palace, where the fifth event was held in that year. From year 2001 to 2003, Oakland Roadster Show moved back to San Mateo Fairgrounds, and the former manager of Show Promotions returned to Oakland.
A new show named The Oakland Rod and Custom Show was formed. However, this show did not last long because of the high prices set. From then onwards, there were a series of change in location. In 2004, the show was held at the Cow Palace. It was called the San Francisco Rod & Custom Show. After that, the Grand National Roadster Show moved to Los Angeles Fairplex from San Mateo. For the 55th Annual Grand show, it Nhtsa Ratings was held at the Fairground in Pomona. Some of the fans insisted of being loyal to the original show while some became loyal to the new Oakland show. In this fantastic car show, there are more than five hundred show cars competing for the awards. The event will definitely succeed in bringing the spectators back to the days of custom cars. It is a large gathering event for the authentic 40′, 50′ and 60′ customs.
There is also a section for cars that recently won awards. All the participating cars are carefully selected to be showed in a specially designed building. To be chosen, the car will be judged on its quality, condition, safety, creativity and detail. Do ensure that the judge knows where to turn the switch to turn your car around. You should also raise your car’s hood higher enough if you want the judge to look at your engine. Otherwise, the judge cannot evaluate it. List your vehicle’s modifications in the Judges Information Book, and place the book on your display for the judges to review it. The good news is that you can get a supply of stanchions and rope without paying a cent. You can also rent the carpet for your cars by mentioning it in your entry application. A standard space for your cars is 10’x 20′; remember to get approval in the application if you need a bigger space. It is a must to display your show card during the whole show including the set up day.
There are so many great car shows out there, don’t limit yourself to just one showing. Be sure to check out the Carlisle car show and other shows as well that occur every year! Forty seven awards will be given away during awards ceremony. The awards include Outstanding Individual Displays, Outstanding Group Displays, Outstanding Detail, Outstanding Engineering, Outstanding Color Design, New Car Vs Used Car Pros And Cons Outstanding Engine, Outstanding Interior, Sweepstakes, America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, Al Slonaker Memorial Award, Brizio Family Award, Blackie Gejeian Award and so on. In conclusion, this car show is one that you don’t want to miss. There is sufficient seating for a good view, and some of the vehicles will also be cruising around during this event for you to get a good look at them.

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