New Safety Features in Automobiles

As our technological capabilities have advanced, so have our cars. We have touch-screen navigation systems, anti-lock brake systems, hydraulic back doors, and special road traction sensors. Along with all of these driving and structural aids have also come better safety features to protect ourselves and our loved ones while on the road. This article will take a look at some of the important safety features now available in our vehicles.
Computer Monitoring Systems. Two increasingly common auto-monitoring systems check your car’s tire pressure and oil level. Typically, the dashboard will have a place for digital messages from your car’s computer. It will warn you if your tires’ pressure is off, or if one tire is not the same as the others. This can protect you from damaging your rims, or in some cases, blowouts. Having the oil supervised can protect your engine from problems, although this isn’t really a personal safety issue.
Side Assist Detection. Most cars have a blind spot that can hide cars beside you. To help prevent side collisions, some cars now have sensors that help you when you are trying to change lanes. Although this is not meant for long-range sensing, it is good for the close quarters on narrow roads and in parking lots.
Drift Warning. When you look closely at something off to the side of the road while you are driving, this may cause you to drift in the direction that you are peering. Drift warning, or lane-departure detection, can alert you when you are accidentally veering Window Tinting Cardiff into another lane. For example, if you glance down and start to drift into the lane next to you, some type of alarm may go off. However, if you put on your blinker before changing lanes, the computer can recognize that you are doing it on purpose.
Airbag Sensors. Because airbags can actually be dangerous rather than beneficial to young, lightweight passengers, some cars are now equipped with front seat passenger sensors. It works by having a weight detector in the front passenger seat. If the person sitting there does not cross a certain weight threshold, the passenger-side main airbag is turned off.
Rearview Camera. Rear-facing cameras can stop you from backing over a pet, child, or other object. This can help you with parallel parking and backing out of your garage or other parking space. It can be hard to back out of spots where Ertiga Gx Mt you have long cars parked on either side of you because it hinders your view of pedestrians walking in a parking lot. Rearward cameras help keep the walkers safe, as well as help you with hooking trailers up to the back of your car.
Although we have come a long way in making cars safer, product malfunctions or reckless driving can still cause tragic accidents to those around vehicles, whether they are pedestrians or other drivers. If you or someone you know has suffered personal injury or bought a defective product, you should know your rights.

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