New Car Safety Features and Laws For the Next Generation Drivers

Because of technological advances as well as newly mandated laws, citizens can now purchase vehicles that have some of the following safety features.
• Automatic and improves seat belt systems.• Side air bags as well as redesigned frontal air bags.• State-of-the-art interior head protection to reduce injuries.• Comfortable head restraints that reduce neck injuries on impact.• Anti-lock braking systems that prevent a car’s wheels from locking up.• Traction control and improved stability and steering control.• All-wheel drive as a standard.• Automatic-dimming mirrors that reduce headlight glares on the rear view mirror.• Daytime running lights that prove to increase visibility.
Some newer inventions prove to increase the level of safety in a vehicle. For example, on-off switches are becoming quite popular. What they do is deactivate a driver or a passenger’s air bag New Cars 2019 if necessary. You can get permission from the NHTSA to have an on-off switch installed at your local repair garage or car dealership. This is only available if the following points ring true.
• There is no way to avoid placing a rear-facing infant sized car seat in the front seat.• You have been advised by a physician that having the air bags on could put your life at risk if you have certain medical conditions. • Your driver’s seat will not position itself any farther away than about 10 inches from the center of the steering wheel. In other words, you are too tall and your breastbone and back are at risk.• There are unavoidable car pool conditions which force children under the age of 12 to have to seat in the front seat.
Safety is key when driving a vehicle. That means you should do everything you can to Cars 24 Chennai protect yourself as the driver and all of your passengers, especially children.

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