New Car Safety Check

Purchasing a new car is very exciting. Whether it is your first time or your tenth the excitement of new car ownership is always there. Before you get too caught up in the new car smells and new car gadgets, Best Car Accessories Reddit consider basic safety issues. Human nature has the tendency to get behind the wheel and test the sound system. If the sound system is good then the car must be awesome. Put it in gear and head off the lot.
Not so fast. Even the most experience drivers, without proper consideration, can expose themselves to unnecessary harm or accidents. Learn the safety issues of your particular automobile. Have the dealership personnel take the time to point out the safety features of your new auto. Have them do this prior to driving off the lot not after you have owned the car for a week.
Be prepared for the new vehicle pick up. Give yourself plenty of time for a walk through of the vehicle features. Make sure the dealer representative shows you the switch for the lights and the wiper blades. Find out where the gas cap release is located. Know where the emergency light switch is. This might sound silly but this once around safety check could save potential troubles and allow you a safer drive. It does not make sense to leave the dealer lot in a rain storm and not know where the wiper blades are located.
Know where the emergency brake is, how to activate it, and if the release is with foot pressure or level release. Check the seat belts. Check all of the seat belts. Do they roll up nicely when released or is there damage to the spring release. Do all the seat belts buckle and release without obstruction. Do you know where the airbags are positioned, are there side airbags. Check all the fluid levels. No sense driving a new car off the lot that needs oil.
Open the trunk and confirm you have a spare tire. Assure yourself all the hardware is there in case you have the misfortune of getting a flat after you leave the lot. One final thing to check is the gas in your vehicle. Check the gas gauge. Things To Know When Going To A Car Dealership Some dealerships will include a full tank of gas in the purchase price. Those that do not are usually pretty stingy with the gas allotment. Follow these new car safety tips. They will help you get more pleasure from your new car purchase.

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