New Car – Process to Get The Best Deal

For us Indians, buying a car is a big investment. But, you can make it great by finding the right car and getting the best deal on it. Most importantly, getting the best True Cash Offer price makes the deal feel like it has been worth the investment and the trouble taken. This article will help you through the process of finding the best new car deal.
Firstly, you need to know what you want. Do you want a small car for your daily office drive or do you want a big car for the entire family to go out on a weekend? How much can you afford? Thanks to the car loans, most cars are now affordable. However, you need to pay back the entire amount with interest. Therefore, do not go for a car that’s much beyond your reach.
With the type of car you want in mind, you can start searching the Internet. There will be plenty of web sites offering the specific or particular type of new car that you are searching. Browse many web sites before sticking to one. Also, while browsing, you may realize what features are missing in the car you chose and you may decide to go for another car. Therefore, browse as much as you want and as much as you can.
Next, look for incentives and rebates. See which of the web sites have money-back and special financing options on the car you’ve chosen. You may subtract Boora Permaseal 2-3 per cent from the advertised car price. That is what the dealer must have paid for the car. Knowing this makes the negotiation process easier.
Once you have all details ready, drive to your local dealer. Go for a test drive. All features that you saw on the Internet can be looked for in the car for real. However, even if the dealer pressurizes you to make the deal right away, wait. Never make the deal on your first visit. Let the dealer work for your deal. Go to a few other car dealers to check out for the best price. Go back home and search again on the Internet. Ask for special online pricing too. Get as much info as possible on the car and its pricing.
On your next visit to the dealer, negotiate further on the price. Now that you have all relevant information at hand, the dealer cannot fool you easily. Dealers look for buyers who have no information and can be fooled. Give the competitive price from other dealers and tell the dealer you would buy a car from the dealership offering the best price. The price may now go down further. Wait and let the prices from all dealers go to the lowest possible rates. Finally you can choose the best price and see if you’re fully satisfied.
Before finalizing the deal, check for all the features once again. See to it that the dealer does not put you in a state where you have to pay extra for the additional features. You have to pay only the actual cost for the additional features. Do not settle for any car that you’re not happy with. There will be other dealers offering the one you’re looking for with the colour and all other features that you want. Buy one only when you’re satisfied that you’ve found the best deal on your new car.

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