Negotiating With a Car Dealership

Walking into a car dealership is like walking into shark infested waters and you’re the fish. Most people are afraid to negotiate with a car dealership and with good reason. It’s scary to walk in and it’s even scarier talking to the car salesmen.
To help you combat this fear, I compiled Promotional Vehicles Marketing 6 tips and tricks to help you out!
1)Car Dealer Guilt Trips
One of the many tactics that car dealerships use is to put you through a guilt trip. They will say anything they can Cars For Sale Within 50 Miles to make you feel as guilty as possible. They might tell you that they have kids to feed or you’re bankrupting them.
Don’t be a sheep and fall for their stories!
Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement and just remind them that the choice to sell is entirely up to them. If they don’t think the price is ideal, tell them you can take your business elsewhere.
2)No Deals
Some dealers will state that they can’t take anything else off the price of the car because of the 0% financing and rebate. The rebate and financing shouldn’t play a role in your ability to haggle because they come straight from the manufacturer.
3)They Make You Wait
Car salesman love to play this game where they make you sit in a room and tell yo to wait. They’re trying to assert their “power” and to trick your subconscious into thinking that they’re the boss. Don’t fall for this trick and you can combat this by talking on the phone or reading a magazine. Don’t hang up when they come back in and make them wait instead.
4)Not Qualified For Financing
0% financing isn’t for everybody (if you read the fine print that is). Most dealerships advertise special financing rates but these are only for people with exceptional credit. This tactic is used to bring people in the door and once you finish your paper work, you’re hooked.
5)Car Dealership Managers
Many times, you’ll have to face a “car dealership manager”. They are usually in a higher office looking down and have more authority than the salesman you’re talking to. They might be loud, obnoxious or even nice. Usually, they are just better salesman.
When faced with a car dealership manager, remember that they are still just salesman but just a bit better. Reiterate your proposal and don’t succumb to their sales tactics. Walk away if you have to.
6)They Ask For A Check
If the dealership asks for a check to show “good faith”, walk (I mean run) for the door. Most dealerships are trustworthy nowadays but there are still the few who will try to scam you.

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