Negotiating a New Car Price – Are You Desperate For a New Car? (Don’t Let Them Know)

Of course you want a new car but do you really need a new car? If you are desperate and do really need a new car please don’t let the car dealer know. This could work against you. Remember the car dealer is not your friend (unless he is your friend) and this is a business negotiation. Do not get emotional.

But way before you go to the car lot to start the negotiations for your new car, there are a few steps that you have to take in preparation. The internet is a great research tool. Use it!

Know what car you want to buy. Search the internet for info on the car you are considering. Automotive Brand Strategy Go to car lots and shop around. Just be clear on exactly what car you want to buy.

Use the internet to find out about what the dealer paid for the car you want. Remember the invoice price is not the price the dealer paid for that car. This info will give you a good idea of a fair price for you to pay for the car. Just keep the price within your budget.

Know your credit score. You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report once a year. Take advantage of this service but be careful as some companies get you to enroll in a service that costs you money each month. If you find any errors or problems with your credit report get them resolved before buying the new car.

Shop around for financing. Your bank or credit union is a good place to start. Know current rates and terms before talking to the dealer about financing. You want the best deal for you.

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Know beforehand if you want to trade-in your current car. Know the car’s value before going to the car lot. This is another bit of information that you can find through searching the internet.

When you do start the negotiation process, remember that you want to arrive at a fair price for you before discussing Car Tint Shades financing or a trade-in. And, never discuss monthly payments, this could cost you even more money.