Need to Replace Your Old Car? Don’t Want to Be Ripped Off by Pushy Sales People? Maybe I Can Help!

In the current climate car dealerships are desperate to sell you a car. Salespeople are pushing hard to get that sale. If you are like me, you want to enjoy changing your car as you will keep it for many years to come. You want to be happy with it.
Well there is help for you and me. There are websites you can go to that give you advice on doing exactly that, changing your car without the hassle and getting the best deal. Please check out the website I have recommended at the bottom of the page.
Meanwhile a few tips for you to think on.
When looking at a car that you would like to purchase:-
Try putting your hand under the car mats to check for excessive damp, Car Industry Uk this could be signs of a leak, maybe around the door seal.
Check around the door hinges for paint overspray. This could Quality Used Cars For Sale be signs of a damaged panel that has been repaired.
If there are excessive stone chips on the front of the car but the mileage is quite low this could mean the mileage has been altered. Quickest way to check would be the mileage on the test certificates. Check they follow on one by one.
If you are trading in your car, don’t just go to one dealership, go to several. You will the get a better picture of what your car is worth.
Also if you want a brand new car, go around several dealerships to get a price and special deals they are offering, don’t tell them at first you have a car trade in.
As I said at the beginning of this article, car dealerships will stop at nothing to get your sale so you see, you have the ball firmly in your court.

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