Maruti Omni: A Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Maruti Suzuki is known for its affordable and durable cars. Maruti Omni was first introduced in 1984 and it was the second vehicle that was introduced under the banner of Maruti Suzuki in India. Ever since its introduction, it has gained a lot of appreciation for its supreme performance Quick Car Insurance Quote on Indian roads. The car first came with a 796cc engine and had the seating capacity of five passengers. Later, in the newer versions, the seat capacity was enhanced to 8. It would not be wrong to call it a car for large families. Its capacity makes it perfect for long group traveling.
Maruti Omni gained popularity for a number of reasons. However, the success can be attributed mostly to the Omni car price. The car price is within the reach of ordinary middle-class people. In addition to that, the performance of Omni car is excellent and it is among the highest selling vehicles in India. Maruti Omni cars come packed with latest safety features, which add to its appeal.
A great variety can be found when speaking about Maruti Omni cars. Therefore, you have a lot of choice. Omni comes in variety of colors as well. You can choose from superior white, wine red, silky silver, and icy and Caribbean blue. Broadly speaking, Omni can be categorized in two ways: cargo version and family version. As far as the cargo version is concerned, you will not find any back seats in those cars.
The engine of this car consists of three cylinders and six valves. Water runs through the system to maintain the temperature of the four stroke engine. The maximum power generating capacity of the engine is 35 bhp at 5000 rpm. At the front, you will find a disc brake while drum brakes are fitted at the back. The fuel tank can hold up to 36 liters of petrol and the car itself gives excellent mileage due to its lightweight. The car comes with four forward and a reverse gear. This Maruti van comes in manual transmission.
You will find plenty of other interesting and good features in the car as well. ELR belts are featured for the front seats while back seats come with static seat belts. You will also find a steering lock, hatchback door lock, front and rear bumpers made of thermoplastic, and cabin light – to mention a few. As mentioned How To Inspect A Used Car before, Maruti van is loaded with excellent safety features, which include coated wind shields, side impact door beams, latest braking system, etc. This car is perfect for long distance journeys as it gives a lot of head and leg room. Therefore, you will not find your family crammed and uncomfortable in this vehicle.
The surprising thing is that Maruti Omni has managed to maintain its popularity even after 25 years of its launch. This is amazing considering the fact that not many changes have been made to the car. It is probably the one of the best if not the best multipurpose affordable vehicle available today in the Indian market.

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