Key Safety Features for Your Car

It may seem like there are an unlimited number of safety features available for new cars. However, there are a few key features that you would be wise to make sure your new car possesses. Some are standard safety requirements and some are optional.

Nowadays, all new cars will come with seat belts and front air bags. Other types of optional air bags include:

Side-curtain air bags

Dual-stage front Second Hand Cars Market In Chennai air bags

Side-impact air bags

An ABS, or antilock, system is another great safety feature that prevents your brakes from locking-up. You can also get what How To Waterproof A Car Cover is called “break assist” that will automatically increase the pressure of the breaks if you have to break hard and quickly.

The U.S. now requires all light-weight vehicles to have tire pressure monitors to prevent dangerous tire blow-outs. This system checks your car’s tire pressure either directly or indirectly. By making sure your tires are properly inflated, you can avoid losing control of your vehicle due to a tire blowout.

Traction control is also a valuable safety feature for your car. This system will reduce the chance of hazardous wheel spin when you speed up on roads covered in ice, water, or snow. More advanced systems have electronic stability technology that can adjust the brakes, steering, engine and suspension based on a wider range of internal and external variables.

Whatever optional safety features you do or do not add to your car is, of course, up to you. However, adding certain safety features can help keep you and everyone else on the road safe.

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