Keeping Your Car Safe

Cars are an amazing invention. We depend so heavily on our cars to get us around. They get us from place to place. To work, to school, to the supermarket. We are so used to driving our cars that we may sometimes forget that a car can be a dangerous weapon is it is not used properly.
Car safety is extremely important to ensure the well being of the driver, all of its passengers. as well as pedestrians and the other drivers on the road. So how can we be sure we are driving safely, and that our vehicle, whether it is a car, van, or truck is safe for the road. We have to be sure that all of the car parts are in perfect working order. There are many parts of a car that must be in tip top shape in order for the car to be a safe place. The brakes, the transmission, the power steering; each of these is crucial for the running of a smooth and safe car.
That is one of the reasons why all cars are required by law to undergo a yearly safety inspection. The inspection is done by any mechanic licensed by the state you live in. They have many guidelines as to what auto parts need to be functioning properly in order for your car to be deemed safe to drive. This inspection is so important that if you do not have a valid up to date inspection on your car (and the sticker to show for it), your will not be able to renew the registration of your car, you will face a fine, and you may also get a parking ticket if a traffic police person notices your car (NYS DMV).
So what do they check? What car parts are crucial for the safe operation of your car on the road?
There are actually ten different main items that need to be assessed about your vehicle. These guidelines are the New York State Vehicle Safety Inspection requirements. They may be slightly different in other states. Check with your local mechanic or auto dealer to find out about your car’s safety. The car parts that are inspected each year in order to determine that the car is safe for the road are the following:
1. The seat belt. Law requires that there is one functioning seat belt for every seat in the car.
2. Brakes. These are checked to ensure they are properly operating, and have no leaks or cracks.
3. Steering
4. Lights. Such as the headlight, tail lights, and blinkers.
5. Windshield.
6. The windshield wipers New Car Aggregator and blades.
7. Tires
8. The horn
9. Mirrors. Both inside Top Automobile Companies 2018 and outside mirrors.
10. Fuel Leaks
Once your car passes the Vehicle Safety Inspection, you can feel confident that your car is in working order. That all of the auto parts are functioning properly. You will feel secure with the knowledge that the car is safe for you to drive.

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