Important Tips to Maximize Your Test Drive

Buying a car that fits into all needs is not as easy as it seems. Although you set your preferences while buying a car, yet there are several aspects that you have to take in account before making a final decision. A test drive from the dealership is the only hands-on experience to get finally assured of whether Cardekho Compare it will suit your needs and lifestyle. Now, when you are getting this opportunity you must maximize the experience and use it to your best advantage. However, before taking a test drive there are a few ground works that should to be performed, which are equally important for the selection of a right car.
Measure height of the car: Usually four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles are a little taller than conventional sedans. So, if you have a doubt on whether it will fit into your garage of your home or work place you can take a measurement with a tape.
Measure space inside the car: Taking measurement of space inside the car is necessary if you carry sporting equipment such as mountain bikes, golf clubs or surfboards. With this you can make sure that everything is going to fit.
Driving performance is very important and should be explored. So, you have to put it to through diverse situations and know the sorts of things to notice. Before you start your test drive set your plan of what you need to experience during the test drive. Below are a few tips for your on-road experience:
Choose a rout for a test drive: If you are looking for a modern sports coupe or mid-size sedan, then make sure to check out its performance in hilly areas. Because these cars come with lower front grilles First Time Car Buyers to maximize their aerodynamic efficiency for enhanced fuel consumption and road holding. But, they are likely to snag on some speed humps, city car-parks and steep driveways in hilly areas.
See your family comfort: Do not shy to bring your family on the test drive, because your family’s comfort is important for you to enjoy a car. So, take time to ensure that there is comfortable seating on the rear seats.
Look for any blind-spots: While driving on the road, take a glance of any blind-spots around the edge of the windscreen etc. Since cars come in different sizes and shapes, it should be flexible to meet everyone’s requirement. It is also an important factor for your safety measure.
Try parking a couple of times: Parking the car a couple of times will ensure the visibility in the front and rear is adequate.
Drive for a minimum of half an hour: Make sure that you take the car long enough to put it through the full range of everyday driving situations. Half an hour drive is the minimum drive to ensure its performance.
Choose the highway to drive: The highway can be the best place to test a cars acceleration. Also, you can look if it is quick enough to get into speeding traffic without too much effort.
Drive the car in a busy town: A quick drive in a town will usually cause you to stop and start driving and will give an idea of how the car manoeuvres in a crowd.
Listen to noises: If your car is making funny noises, echo while passing over bumps, squeak or rattle, then it may be the signs of trouble. So, always keep your ears alert while taking a test drive.
It is always an exciting moment when you decide to buy a brand new car and experience the test drive. New cars look thrilling with its neat interior, effective sound system and stylish looks that often confuse people to make a firm decision. But, things that appear may not be your actual preferred choice, hence don’t be misguided and focus on the key points of car’s performance. With the above given simple and effective tips you can buy a car that you will be happy with. Buying a perfect car for you or your family can look like a victory if you follow some of these basic ideas.

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