Important Car Safety Features

Collision Warning System
This is a rather ‘last second’ warning system but can certainly help prevent accidents. It uses radar (and some use laser technology) to detect if an object is in the way of your vehicle.
If the system detects a potential collision, it will alert the driver in a number of ways;
1. Causes the steering wheel or seat to vibrate.
2. A rapidly flashing light.
3. And a sound alert.
Collision Mitigation System
These systems are an advanced version of cruise control. There have been three evolutions in cruise control.
1. Standard Cruise Car Appraisal App Control
This is a simple system where you set your desired speed by manually accelerating to that speed and enabling the cruise control.
2. Adaptive Cruise Control
These use radar to keep you at a specified speed and can decrease or increase Nationwide Car Insurance the speed of the vehicle when the vehicle in front changes speed.
3. Collision Mitigation
Again using radar, the collision mitigation changes your vehicle’s speed to keep a safe distance. But where it really shines is where it can detect a possible collision and will apply the brakes with enough force to prevent the collision. It will also move back to your specified speed once it feels things are safe again.
Multi Stage Airbags
Airbags are a great safety feature as it stands but they do have their inherent risks for children and adults of a smaller stature. The advantage of the multi stage airbags is it will detect the driver or passenger’s weight and height. When it needs to activate it will expand the bag in the correct direction, not causing an injury. They can even detect if you are sitting in an unusual position and compensate accordingly.
Rear View Camera
This provides a good view of the rear of the vehicle. It is mainly used when reversing obviously and can help prevent the driver from running over a child or small animal. Some of the systems have sound alerts to help you gauge distances.
Emergency Brake Assistance
Similar but more advanced than anti-locking braking. If the driver accelerates rapidly then applies the brakes with a high level of force, it knows the driver is trying to stop extremely quickly, so it increases the force of the brakes to help stop the car as quickly as possible. This system should normally stop a car more quickly than standard anti-locking brakes.
Active Rollover Protection
This system has proven to prevent a rollover. It does this by detecting if there are too much sideways movement, skidding and other situations which can cause a rollover. When it detects this situation it will automatically slam on the brakes only to the wheels which require them to prevent the rollover.

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