Hyundai i10 Cars

Of late there has been a surge in sales of Hyundai i10 cars in India. Wonder why? Very recently, ARAI named the Hyundai i10 as the most fuel-efficient car in its segment. This car’s mileage figure of 19.81 kmpl has beaten all other petrol cars in the compact segment in India. For a country like India which is obsessed with mileage what can be more alluring than a vehicle delivering outstanding fuel economy figures coupled with the environmentally friendly feature? No wonder, the Hyundai i10 is India’s top selling car in the over 1-litre capacity segment of cars.
Ever since the car’s global debut of the car in India, it has been selling like hot cakes. The discounts that Hyundai has been offering are catalyzing the sales. The i10 has been seeing a huge demand in the overseas markets as well. The BS IV compliant 1.2 litre Kappa engine just makes sales better by the day in India. Add to the mileage, a quick shifting 5-speed manual transmission and front-wheel-drive configuration and you’ll realize how well this masterpiece can perform.
During the last financial year, 149,242 units of the Hyundai i10 were sold just in the Indian car market. It later came to light that Comprehensive Motor Insurance this car had actually broken all earlier records and had become the highest selling model in the over 1 litre of capacity segment.
The i10 has a relatively short wheelbase that lets it rotate like a star. Yes, the ideal turning radius allows for swift maneuvers. A McPherson Strut suspension in the front and CTBA with coil springs in the rear hold the car firm enough to ply easily on the Indian roads. Steel wheels with tubeless tyres; another feature that the i10 proudly flaunts. So, that only means that there’s no skidding even on the slippery Indian roads when it rains and there’s no place for water to escape.
Coming to the design, this sub-compact car has a chic and aerodynamic design. The car’s contemporary styling also takes one’s memories to the likes of the Ford verve concept and the new Chevy Aveo U-VA. Basic Car Maintenance Reddit The low slung grille with two large headlamps on the edges, however, makes the i10 look different from the competition. The sharply raked windscreen and ellipsoidal glass are very impressive too.
The Hyundai i10 has enough space to comfortably accommodate 5 adults. The seats also have sufficient legroom, knee support and adjustable headrests for added neck support. Dual Tone Beige Interior features 3-spoke steering wheel that makes handling easy and agile.

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