How to Use Car Insurance Price Comparison Sites to Their Full Potential! (Make the Biggest Savings!)

When you apply any premium-crushing technique, you have to make sure you’re battling with the right company. What is the point spending 40 minutes on the phone with an insurance company trying to get the best price possible when a 5 minute phone call and bog standard quote from somewhere else is miles cheaper?
Price comparison sites are terrible for getting quotes. Price comparison sites take ridiculous commissions from business they direct to various car insurance companies, so the insurance companies have to quote higher pricers to compensate. Despite this, these sites are still incredibly useful in our search for unbeatably cheap car insurance – especially for younger drivers. The Car Value Tracker results you get from a price comparison website are inflated to reflect the site’s commission slice of each sale. Subtract their cut of 10-30% and you have roughly what figure you could get by going to an insurance company direct. From the list of prices the site churns out you will have maybe a top 3 list of companies that could offer you a price in a reasonable price range.
Now contact these insurance companies direct. The quote should be a lot lower due to there being no other parties to pay commission to. Price comparison websites and companies aren’t completely blind to this – sometimes if you enter all your details on a price comparison website, when coming to get a quote from your chosen company direct, you may get the same quote. This is because companies will use one database between them, so a comparison site will still get their cut despite you going to an insurance site directly.
For this reason, you need to use false details for the comparison site quote. Don’t use completely bogus information – use the details of one of your names or someone that lives in a similar setting to you. There are a lot of factors that can change your quote – especially where you live. You must always be accurate about the car you’re attempting to insure, too.
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