How to Throw Your Best Friend a Hen Night Party

How to Throw Your Best Friend a Hen Night Party

If your best friend is getting married, throwing her a hen night party the she will never forget is the best way you can let her know she is really special for you. Start planning in advance, and have the invitations delivered to the group at least one week before. This way you will know who will be able to attend your party. Surprise the bride to be, by having her ‘arrested’ by the hen night police. You and your friends can use special badges for this and tiaras with pink devil horns.

A perfect hen night party should follow a day full of luxury and pampering for the bride to be. Take her to a spa in the morning, or to nail and hair salon, for a special treat. Then make reservations to her favorite restaurant.

To go to all these places rent a limo. She should feel like she is the most special person that day. Besides all these things do other that you know she would enjoy. You are the one who knows best what she likes, because she is your best friend.

All the bridesmaids should wear personalized T shirts, or for those girls who are naughtier, a sexy bunny costume would be fantastic. Don’t forget the tiara for the queen of the night. You should remind her all the time that she is the most important guest to the party. Dare her to do things that otherwise she wouldn’t do. Buy her a bachelorette party kit, with lots of games.

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If your friend loves singing take her to a karaoke bar. If she doesn’t sing, this could be even funnier. Have all the man in the room sign her bride to be sash, and those who have the same name as the groom should kiss her. Planning the perfect hen night party shouldn’t be so difficult because you know the bride very well, since you are her best friend.