How to Set the Right Price For the Car You Are Selling

You are ready to sell your car, but you have no idea what the “right” listing price is. You do not want to price the vehicle too high and scare away prospective buyers, but you also do not Automotive News Europe want to price it too low and sell the car or truck for less than you could have. This section provides a step-by-step process to help you determine how to competitively price your vehicle.
*Head to and to have your vehicle virtually appraised. Both sites provide private party values, or the price you could expect to receive for your vehicle if sold to a private buyer. Edmunds is the more consumer friendly site, so you can expect higher private party values. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has been publishing vehicle values since 1926, and is more favorable for dealers than private party sellers. Each site starts with a national base price, and then adjusts it based on your description of the car. Features that affect the price include: mileage, color, options, region, and condition. When examining the final values each site provides be sure to closely examine the condition adjustment. If your car has “Car Appeal” you can expect over a 5% increase in value because of the improved condition of your vehicle.
*Check the list price for similar vehicles in your area. Now that you know what a vehicle similar to yours should be listed at, it’s time to find out what similar vehicles are being listed at. There are literally hundreds of websites that are in the business of listing vehicles for sale. The two largest are and . AutoTrader has over 3 million vehicles listed for sale at any given time, while has 2.5 million listings. The search process is very easy for both websites. Be sure to check not only the dealer prices, but also the private party prices as well. Roughly 5 to 10% of listings on are private party listings, while less than 1% of listings on AutoTrader are. Vehix is another site with a fair amount of private party listings. They have almost 1 million vehicles listed for sale and a greater private party footprint than AutoTrader. By checking these sites you will see at what prices your competitors are listing similar cars for sale.
*Check what similar vehicles have sold for. You won’t find what vehicles actually sold for on or AutoTrader, but you can at eBay Motors. At the top of the search results page there will be a “What it’s Worth” range providing you with the lowest and highest recent selling price for the vehicle you are interested in. To drill down on those values scroll down the page to the “Search Options” tab and select “Completed Listings”. Best Car Model Names This will provide you with all completed listings, whether or not they have actually sold. You will find that the majority of listings have not sold, but there will still be more than enough sold listings (prices will be in green) to give you an idea of what you should ask for your vehicle. To access completed listings you will have to be an eBay registered user, but the registration process takes less than 5 minutes.
By following these simple guidelines: checking to see what your car should sell for, what similar vehicles are listed for, and what similar vehicles have recently sold for you will be able to establish a competitive initial list price for your vehicle — one that will lead to many calls from prospective buyers, while also not being priced too low.

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