How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

It’s extremely important to take a little time out to prepare your car properly for winter. There’s nothing more annoying than getting in your car only to find that it won’t start – or that it’s not working quite as it should be. By taking a proactive approach and preparing your car for winter, you’ll encounter fewer problems than those who just treat their car the same no matter what season it is.

In this article we’re going to look at the five most important ways in which Buy Old Car you can prepare your car ready for the cold, harsh weather this winter:

Top up your anti-freeze: Checking whether or not your vehicle’s anti-freeze is topped up is very important. As most engines are water cooled they rely on a flow of water to remove heat as they operate. If the cooling system in your car freezes, water will not flow through it and your car’s engine stands a chance of over-heating – even if the temperature outside is below zero!

Check screen wash is full and & wipers are in good condition: When the gritters are out in force keeping the roads free of ice and snow, you can be sure that excess road salt will really make a mess of your windscreen. Therefore it’s important to ensure your windscreen wipers are in great condition – and that your screen wash bottle is full, with an anti-freeze additive where necessary to prevent the bottle from freezing up.

Carry an ice scraper: An ice scraper is a great tool to keep in your car – you never know when it’ll come in handy! When you leave for work in the morning or after your car has been sat in a car park for a prolonged amount of time, a layer of ice will form. The best way to remove ice quickly and safely is to use an ice scraper – you can pick them up from supermarkets and motorway service stations.

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Winter tyres: In some areas of the UK where snow and ice on the roads are a major problem for a large part of the year, winter tyres are a great accessory to fit to your car. Special winter tyres use different tread patterns to ensure that breaking distances on snowy or icy surfaces are as short as possible, and that grip is adequate for safe driving.

Snow chains: Where winter tyres are impractical or too expensive, snow chains are an ideal alternative. They can be fitted to normal wheels and tyres as and when the weather takes a turn for the worst!

These top five tips should keep your car on the road and yourself Classic Car Shows Near Me 2019 and your passengers safe during the winter this year.