How To Prepare Your Car For The MOT Test?

You should already be familiar with the MOT test you need to take yearly to keep your car on the road. However, a lot of people find themselves having trouble preparing for it. Considering some of the fairly complicated requirements to pass the test, this isn’t surprising. While some of the requirements do require some fairly extensive equipment to check or repair, such as exhaust emissions and the steering system checks, there are still plenty of steps you can take to prepare your car for the test.
One of the most important checks you can do is to check your headlights. You’re going to want a friend to watch and make sure all of your lights and signals function properly. In addition, you may want to remove and clean the glass covering your car light bulbs to ensure they’re shining through clearly. While you’ve got them off, you may also want to replace the car light bulbs. It may not be necessary, but replacing them yearly is fairly inexpensive and can help make sure you don’t fail your MOT due to dim bulbs.
There are a few simple checks you can do quickly all at once, as well. A quick check of your mirrors to ensure that they’re all securely in place could save you the embarrassment of seeing one pop off during the test. While you’re opening the door to check said mirrors, do a quick check of your hinges to make sure there’s no lean or wobble in them. You’ll also want to take your time inside the car to check your seat belts for any signs of fraying or tearing. If you notice any, you’re going to need someone to replace or repair the belt. You already know, most likely, if any of your buckles don’t engage, so now’s the time to replace those if there’s any issues. While you’re inside the car, do a quick look over your windscreen to make sure there are no sizable cracks in your view. One last check you should perform is to make sure the VIN is clear and legible, assuming it’s somewhere inside the car. If it’s dirty or rusted, you’ll need to clean it or risk a failing grade.
Outside the car, you’ll need to make a quick check of your tires and brake pads. It’s doubtful that you have the tools to make a full check of the brake system, but if you do, you should take the time to check it as well. Your main goal here is to make sure that you have at least a 1.6mm deep tread on your tires Carsdirect over most of the tread and that your pads are in good condition. If the pads are overly worn, you’ll have to replace them. While you’re under the car, make a quick check for any fuel or brake fluid leaks, as well. Any sign of either of these will be an instant failing grade, so they need to be repaired ASAP.
If you have a full garage at your disposal, you can give yourself a full MOT test to check for yourself. If you’re like most people, however, these steps will help you be as prepared as reasonably possible for your MOT test. They all boil down to keeping Car Maintenance List By Brand an eye on the condition of all your systems, so it’s fairly easy to perform these tests multiple times throughout the year. In fact, it’s a good idea to do so. No reason to wait for your MOT test to make sure your car is roadworthy, after all.

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