How to Negotiate Car Price – Knowing When To Buy Will Save You Money

How to Negotiate Car Price
“When is the best time to buy a car?” No one ever asks this question before heading out to the lot to choose their car. What many people don’t know is that buying your car at certain times of the month or year can actually save you tons of cash. There are a couple different times to save money during the year let’s look at a couple.
The End Of Car Trade In Price The Month
Many car salesman need to make end of the month goals or quotas. They do this because many of them are incentivized by the dealership at the end of the month by the number of cars they sell. What does this mean to you? Buy your car at the END OF THE MONTH. This requires you to go in mid month, develop a relationship Retromobile Plan 2019 with a salesmen and let him know you are a serious buyer. When it comes to the end of the month and he needs to boost his numbers he will surely negotiate car price and knock off $1000 to get you to come back in before the end of the month and pick up your new car (and boost his numbers and commission)
We have all seen these commercials on TV but what are they really? When a new model of car comes out, usually at the end of summer, the dealerships need to get all the “old” cars off the lot so they can put all their shiny new cars on the lot. In order to do this they discount the “old” cars so they can move them, BUT THEY ARE STILL NEW CARS! Go in there and get the car you wanted for a HUGE discount. If you don’t think 1 or 2 thousand dollars off of your new car is a big enough discount then I need to come work with you!
3.Year end sale
This is basically a combination of the end of #1 and #2. At the end of the year car dealerships will generally promote a huge sale to A. get the old cars off the lot and B. it’s the end of the month. (ahhhhhh yes!)

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