How To Get Your Car Or Truck Winter Ready – Great Advice To Keep Your Ride Running Well This Winter

Make sure your vehicles tires have the proper air inflation. Cold temperatures will cause a drop in tire pressure so you will need to check this on a regular basis.
Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicles engine and it is essential that you use the correct oil weight and viscosity so be sure and check your owners manual for the winter oil requirements of your ride.
Check to see if your antifreeze is still working as it should. Most gas stations and auto parts stores have a little tester that they can use to check this and can recommend if you need to change or replace this vital fluid.
Wiper blades are another item that you will want to check so be sure to replace them if they are cracked or worn. Many auto parts supply places will even put your replacement wiper blades on for you as a courtesy. Most gas station repair shops would probably put these on for you at a reasonable cost.
Its no fun being caught behind a car or truck in the winter time just to have mushy snow and mud splashed on your windshield then to reach for the Autotrader Used Trucks For Sale By Owner windshield washer fluid and find out that it’s empty. To keep this from happening to you, make sure that you have that washer fluid checked.
If your the backyard mechanic type like me, you can check your ignition wires and spark plugs to be sure that they are up to par for this winter, most garages will check these for you and can replace as needed.
Hoses and belts need to be checked as well. Be sure to check True Cash Offer with the owners manual and replace these items as necessary.
Finally, for those long trips, make sure that you take along extra blankets, a shovel, ice scraper, some basic wrenches and tools, some food like candy bars and snack cakes and such, a set of jumper cables and last but not least make sure to have some road flares handy if possible and you will have a winter ready ride.

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