How to Get the Best Possible Used Car Trade in Value For Your Vehicle

In the excitement of shopping for a new car, it is easy to forget an important negotiating factor – your used car trade in value. But while you are admiring and comparing the features of a brand new vehicle, the sale person is thinking about the bottom line, and this includes giving you the lowest possible price for your trade-in. Following some simple steps can ensure that you receive the best possible price for your old car, significantly reducing the cost of purchasing a new vehicle.
1. Clean your vehicle. Having your car looking its best can increase its appeal, and therefore, its value; conversely, a dirty car will look poorly cared-for, and the dealer will be unwilling to give you more than the absolute minimum. It can be well-worth the money to take your car to a professional detailer; if you prefer to clean it yourself, vacuum all the Dealership Franchise Model upholstery, and use an upholstery cleaner to remove any soil or stains from the seats, headrests, carpets, and roof liner. Wash the outside of the vehicle thoroughly, paying attention to the undercarriage and the wheels as well as the main body. When you are finished, a coat of polish can make your old car look, if not new, then at least a bit less old.
2. Remove all personal possessions. Taking everything personal out of the car will make it appear less cluttered and better-maintained. Even your glove compartment should be empty, except for the owner’s manual and vehicle registration. Don’t forget to clear out the trunk, leaving only the spare tire and tire iron – vacuum the trunk out, as well. Any bumper stickers and decals should also be removed, if you can do so without marring the paint job.
3. Keep a record of all vehicle repairs and maintenance. Written documentation of all scheduled maintenance and any repairs you have had done on the vehicle will provide proof that you have properly maintained the car; this will give you bargaining power when you are negotiating the purchase price. In addition, make sure that all warranties for new parts that you have purchased are in the vehicle with the owner’s manual.
By following these guidelines, you provide yourself with important negotiating tools when it comes time to settle on a trade-in amount for Best Online Car Buying Sites your used car. Improving your used car trade in value can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars when you purchase a new vehicle.

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