How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by a Car Salesman

Do you ever wonder why so many people believe a car salesman is the scum of the earth? Well if you have then you might have heard that most salesmen are liars and out to get you for your money. Well I am here to tell you that not all salesmen are untrustworthy. You see after I got my first job at the dealership I knew I had to choose what kind of salesman I wanted to be, an honest one or a devilish lying son of a gun.
I decided to stick to my good morals and be the honest one my mother would want me to be. Most salesmen think that they can only make money my lying to the consumer and telling them what they want to hear. But in reality I have experienced that most customers give you their trust if you are honest and up front about everything. Just look at Joe Girard “the world’s greatest car salesman” he wouldn’t sell you a car if he thought you couldn’t afford it. If only all car salesmen were like him I wouldn’t have to worry about my customers hesitating to give me their trust. Since I can’t change the perspective of the world then I will provide you with tips to avoid getting ripped off by the bad salesmen that exist in thousands of dealerships around the world.
1. Trade Ins
If you are trading in your vehicles to a new or used car dealership, never ever tell them you are planning to trade in your vehicle until they have told you the price of the vehicle you are interested in. I advise of this because many salesmen will make it seem as they are giving you way more for your trade in but what they don’t tell you is that they raise the price on your new purchase in order to make up for the difference.
Trust me if you don’t listen to this advise you will end up losing a lot of money on your trade in. The higher the price the higher the commission that the salesman earns.
2. Warranty Farmers Insurance Group
I have worked with many salesmen that lie to their customers about the warranty in order to gain a sale. Never trust a verbal promise, always get anything they promise on paper. If they offer you warranty make sure that everything is explained in detail before you sign. Never sign an “as is”. An “as is” is a form that dealers make you sign in order to avoid responsibility for any issues to might have with the vehicle in the future.
3. Pricing
Always make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Shop around for a couple of days and look for the best price possible on the vehicle you are looking to purchase. Never settle for the first car you see. I always tell my customers, “either you buy a car right, or you buy a car right now.”
Visit the site below to compare prices, they are not salesmen Edmunds Top Safety Picks so they don’t make any profit by raising the price.

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