How the Rearview Mirror Hidden Camera Makes Cabbie’s Jobs Safer

A rearview mirror hidden camera can show you exactly what is going on inside your vehicle, directly behind it or beside it which can be valuable information in some cases as one woman discovered.
Becky, a taxi driver, had installed the rearview mirror hidden camera in her cab at her boyfriend’s insistence. Because continuously letting strangers into the car is the job of a taxi driver Becky’s boyfriend always feared for her safety. After hearing about the murder of a cabbie in a nearby city the couple agreed that additional safety measures were necessary.
The rearview mirror hidden camera that they chose was a versatile little unit that mounted behind the rear view mirror. An SD card recorded everything that the camera saw, and it could be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter, or run for three hours on battery power.
The kit also included a small wireless camera that they mounted in the rear of the cab, to give Becky a clear view of the back seat. A thin LCD monitor allowed her to view the camera image right on the rear view mirror!
Shortly after installing the Rearview Mirror DVR Spy Camera Becky was robbed at knifepoint. The robber got away with her cash but left behind a clear image of himself thanks to the camera. The man was known to police who had no trouble identifying and arresting him for the crime.
The rearview mirror hidden camera makes Becky feel safer on the job because it allows her to see exactly what is going on behind her. She allows passengers Price Of Second Hand Car to see that she has a camera and she feels that it deters people from engaging in prohibited activities such as drug use and drinking while in her cab.
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