How Local Search Submissions Help Auto Dealers

The relationship between the Internet and car buyers has increased consistently over the last few years. Today, Internet became an integral part of car buying process. A study by Capgemini, Cars Online 09/10 stated that almost 90 percent of consumers use Internet to research vehicles. Its latest report (10/11) revealed that over 40 percent of consumers would like the ability to purchase vehicles online, using the Internet for complete end-to-end buying process, and not just for research. Many auto dealers understand this reality and have incorporated the Internet and related technology as part of their marketing and advertising efforts.
Though some of them have embraced opportunity provided by the Internet, others are struggling to keep up with the constant developments and latest trends. Being aware of the buying behaviors of potential customers is important in developing and maintaining effective marketing strategies. One of the latest trends observed these days is that people are going online for local products or services. A survey from BIA/Kelsey revealed that 97 percent of consumers use online media while researching products or services in their local area.
Keeping this in mind, major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are listing the top 10 local listings above their organic search results. Despite of the increasing focus on local search, many auto dealerships are simply ignoring this feature. If you are one of them, failing to use this feature to its fullest, you are losing all those valuable customers. Remember, your competitor can take action and grab them all.
Though general search engine optimization (SEO) techniques work well for some websites, it is necessary to apply a more specific optimization concept called local search submissions. It attracts potential customers from the specific geographic location you are looking for.
From the above discussion, it is clear that local search submissions are very important for local businesses, such as auto dealerships. Now we will learn how local search helps auto dealers in their business.
Improves popularity
People generally tend to trust the businesses they are familiar with. Local search submissions can help local auto dealers stand above and dominate their competition. Your high ranking in the local search listing makes the prospects learn about your business and it also shows your authority in your local area.
Gives more relevant traffic
There is no value even if thousands of people visit your site who will never buy anything. On the other hand, highly targeted visitors, even if they are in small numbers are very valuable. This Different Car Window Tints is where local search is very good at. While trying to promote your auto dealership, local search focuses ο?�- bringing ‘qualified’ leads – people who are in a position to purchase.
As discussed above, major search engines have started laying a lot of stress on local listings. They are listed above the organic search results; usually shown in a map along with additional information like a description of your dealership, business hours, products or services you offer, contact info, etc. So, a well-structured local search campaign helps you gain a powerful competitive advantage over your competitors using high visibility in the search engines. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to ensure that your dealership comes up in the results when a potential customer is looking for the services you offer in your region.
Low investment and better ROI
Traditional advertising methods such as billboard advertising, flyer distribution, advertising in local radio or newspapers may cost you hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands). Yet, most of the times, they do not provide any Iihs Vs Nhtsa positive results. Whereas search submissions on local web portals and sites requires less investment and can build up a solid return on investments (ROI) for your auto dealership as it targets all the potential customers.
Another major trend that supports local submissions is ‘increasing usage of smart phones to find local businesses’. According to Compete, nearly one in three smartphone users called or stopped into a local business after finding it using a local search.
Customers in your area are looking for your products and services online. Can your auto dealership afford not to be in the local search, which has grown over the years and is promising to continue its growth.

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