How Does an HPI Check Safeguard You?

Ever since the UK has had a second-hand car market of any appreciable size, a company called HPI has been protecting innocent would-be car buyers from becoming unwitting victims of car crime. It works alongside car makers, dealers and other sellers to help tell the public more about the history of the vehicle which they are interested in buying. HPI checks are available for a flat fee can be ordered online, carried out easily and quickly, thanks to modern computer technology.
A HPI check examines whether a vehicle might be subject to any of the following, which can cause a new owner potentially huge problems, and cost them a large amount of money.
Outstanding finance – If a loan is not paid off by the previous owner when they sell the car, the new owner could have the car repossessed, or be ordered to pay the amount outstanding Best Car Paint Protection Film on it. HPI scans a database containing details of more than seven million current finance arrangements, and will flag up whether a car has outstanding payments owing on it.
Stolen vehicles – Running checks with the police and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) pinpoints whether a vehicle has been reported stolen, and whether there has been any outcome of a search for a stolen vehicle.
Write-offs – While many damaged cars can be easily returned to the road, many sustain damage which is beyond economical repair, i.e. those repairs would cost more than the car’s current market value. The Association of British Insurers keeps a record of all write-offs as well as coding all authorised repairs according to the severity of the damage sustained. A HPI check cross-refers a vehicle’s details against these records.
‘Clocked’ vehicles – While a car’s mileage can be reasonably verified by checking against the mileages shown on past MoT test certificates, Owning A Car Dealership Salary an increasing number of forged certificates in circulation can provide misleading information to a potential buyer.
‘Cloned’ vehicles – This is where a stolen car is given the identity of one already in existence to cover up its past history. Unscrupulous sellers will try to cover up or erase signs of the true identity of a vehicle which may have a dodgy past.
Vehicle identity – When is a GTi not a GTi? When it’s a lower-specified model in disguise! An original registration document issued by the DVLA confirms a vehicle’s true identity using details such as date of registration, current colour (along with any changes), engine size and transmission type. It also details the number of previous owners, and details of its most recent owner.
A HPI Check, which can be ordered online, will confirm whether a vehicle has any of the above skeletons in its cupboard, allowing officially-held details to be verified against a vehicle’s current condition. This safeguards the interests of the motorist and helps dealers meet their legal obligations.

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