Handling Brake Failure

One of the most iconic scenarios of old action films was the hero or heroine having their brake line cut, and the sub sequential race through town, dodging danger left and right, that ensued. People Looking For Cars While this situation is very rare, brake failure itself is not. There are many things that can cause brake failure, and no matter the cause when brakes stop working lives are endangered.
Brake failure can be caused by foul play and tampering, but that is uncommon and unlikely. Instead brake failures are often caused by manufacturing error, lack of maintenance, and overuse or extended ware of the brakes.
What to Do When Brakes Fail
Brakes can fail for a number of reasons. It is important to take measures to prevent brake failure, but if you ever find yourself in a driving situation where your brakes no longer work, there are some important measures you can take to avoid collision and injury. Should you experience a failure in your brake system you can do the following, in order, to try and stop or slow down your vehicle.
A� Immediately choose a driving path with the least number of obstructions as possible.
A� If you see a hill or incline, drive towards it.
A� Remember to keep steering and avoid swerving, as swerving can cause you to lost control.
A� Immediately downshift to the lowest gear possible.
A� If you do NOT have anti-lock brakes, quickly and firmly pump your brakes.
A� If you do have anti-lock brakes or the above step did not work to get your brakes going, put your parking brake on
A� If all else fails, shift your car into reverse. It will Drive Auto Marketing destroy your transmission but could save your life.
These steps give you the opportunity to attempt revival of your brakes while avoiding colliding with any stopped vehicles or road obstructions ahead of you. When facing an unpleasant surprise on the road the most important thing to remember is to remain calm. When you panic you diminish your ability to make decisions and act rationally.
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The idea of losing control of your vehicle is frightening. That is why it is so important to know what steps to take should you suddenly lose the ability to slow down and stop your vehicle.

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