Getting Rid of an Old Car You Can’t Sell

It can be frustrating to have an older car that you simply can’t sell. If you’ve tried everything from taking it to used car lots to posting numerous free ads on sites like Craigslist, you may be at your wit’s end from trying to get rid of this eyesore of a vehicle. The worst insult can be calling a car disposal place and finding that they actually want you to pay them for the privilege of taking the vehicle! This certainly doesn’t feel good when you remember writing checks to pay for that bucket of bolts over the years!
Luckily, you may have some more profitable options which are all worth looking into. One good idea is to donate the car to a charity. They will be happy to have it and will end up selling it for the revenue. They will Car Finance Advice give you a receipt with which you may be able to get a deduction when doing the year’s taxes. It’s not the same thing as cash in your pocket right away, but no one can argue with paying less tax to the government!
This really can be the best way to get the most value out of old car, especially if it doesn’t run and you can convince the charity to come and tow it away! If you can’t find Trade In Cars a charity to take it which is rare, you may finally be forced to pay someone to haul the poor sad vehicle away to that big automobile heaven in the sky called the dump.

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