Family Getaways – 4 Tips for Summer Savings While Driving

Traveling with the family for hours on end can be exciting if planned properly. Here are some quick tips for having fun and keeping safe during your summer outing:
CHILL OUT – There is always an argument over whether leaving using the air conditioner wastes gas versus leaving the window open. Professionals at Edmunds carried out tests with both scenarios and basically their solution is to do what Ece R44/04 Regulation is comfortable. Why add all that stress to the commute? If one person wants the window down, perhaps they can keep it half way and if one person wants the air condition by all means turn it on and point the vents towards them.
PACK IT IN OR NOT – Make sure you actually need all that equipment you are carrying in your vehicle before leaving home. It is stated that on average gas mileage can decrease 1 to 2% for every 100 pounds of weight.
EMERGENCY NUMBERS – Of course everyone should know their emergency number for their own country but what most of us sometimes forget to put into our phones or to keep in our vehicles Best Car Interior Accessories is the number for our insurance companies. Documenting and filing a claim is just as important on getting you back onto your journey if it does come to an abrupt halt.
DO NOT DEPLOY THOSE AIRBAGS – Although never personally experienced, putting your feet up on the dashboard may be comfortable but it can cause serious harm if it deploys your air bag. Kids are typically the ones who might do this but it is a great reminder for adults also to be aware of the consequences.

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