Express Car Rental Insurance

Sometimes it is necessary to book a rental car quickly, possibly because you have arranged a last minute holiday deal or because you are going away on a business trip. Typically you will be able to sign up for an insurance policy to cover the basics when you arrive at the desk, but you can also arrange express car rental insurance to protect the excess before you go.
In most countries in Europe, including Great Britain, plus New Zealand and Australia, you can expect to have to pay an excess if a claim must be made on a car rental insurance agreement.
This can be anything from a few hundred pounds up to more than £1000 depending on the country and the car you are renting. Anyone who has had an incident knows how expensive this can be.
For example, if you rent a car with a company in Spain, then find one morning that the wing mirror has been ripped off by a passing vehicle while it was parked outside the hotel overnight, you could end up paying a considerable amount of money even though this was not your fault.
Say the policy provided for you by the rental car company comes with an excess of £300, this means you are liable for the first £300 of any cost relating to damage or theft. Express car rental insurance can be arranged to cover this excess, as a kind of voluntary bolt-on to the policy the rental car company will arrange.
It works in a very straightforward way – you firstly select the independent excess insurance policy from the provider, pay the premium, which can often Automotive News relate to an annual deal, and then you are covered every time you rent a car during that year, meaning there is no need to pay high excess charges.
In the event that you do have to claim, the car rental company will often simply take the excess amount off your credit card, and you simply claim on your excess insurance policy to have this reimbursed. As such car excess insurance is covering the policyholder and not the vehicle.
Express car rental insurance can set you up with a deal quickly before you go away, meaning you are protected by the time you get Global Automotive Industry 2019 Pdf to the desk to pick up the car, and need not worry about running up a big excess bill due to an unforeseen incident on your trip.

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