Discover The Best Used Car Buying Advice

Here it is! The best used car buying advice to avoid buying a lemon and getting ripped off!

See yourself mastering the most powerful advice to buying a new used car! Ah, but not any used car, one in good condition and one that runs like a charm! Yes, you will be armed with all you need to assure you do not get stuck with a lemon!

Check the oil. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a clean rag and dip it back in. When you pull it back out, it should be a clean color, not black. If the levels are low, chances are it is burning too much oil. If the oil is excessively black, assume there has not been regular oil maintenance done on the vehicle.

Watch for blue smoke when starting the engine. This could signify engine troubles. If the smoke is black, it could be that the engine is consuming too much fuel, possible fuel injection problems.

Listen for loud, strange noises after starting the car. If you hear a whistling sound, this could be loose belts. Loud tapping indicates poor maintenance of the car.

Check the dashboard for any warning indicators. As you start the car, watch for any warning such as “check engine” to light up.

Check the air conditioning, is it cold? Check the heat, does it warm up?

Check the radio system.

Test the blinkers and lights, tail lights and brake lights.

Open all doors, do they all open and lock?

Open the hood and check the engine. Does it look clean or is it all rusty. Do you see signs of leaking oil?

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Check the tires. Check the tread using the penny method and check the air pressure of the tires.

Check under the floor mats. Check in the trunk and lift up the carpet in there also. Does it have a spare tire? Do you see any signs of rust or damage?

Are you beginning to see how important a thorough check of the car is before buying a used car?

Now for some more great advice!

Take the car for a test drive. And watch for the following:

Does it accelerate smoothly? Car Wale Or does it lurch or jump?

Does it break well? Do you hear and squeaking or grinding? Do you have to put great amounts of pressure before the brake catches?

How is the suspension? Do you feel a smooth ride or does it feel bouncy?

Does the steering wheel feel nice and snug? Or is there wiggle room in the turning of corners? Let go of the wheel while driving, does it veer to one side or the other?

Be sure to get some speed. Be sure you drive it at a higher speed. Does it drive the same in both slow and faster speeds?

Check for blind spots. Look in all mirrors, to the side and to the back. Do you have blind spots that could create an accident?

Do you have enough head room? How is the visibility overall?

And, always get the Vehicle Identification Number to do a History report on the vehicle to see if it has been through prior damage such as an accident or flooding.

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