Consumer Reports Reveals Top Searches for 2010

Before purchasing a new or used car, most drivers engage in a significant amount of research. Thanks to the power of When Is A Car Too Old To Buy the internet, it’s now possible for websites to track that data and see which cars buyers were most interested in.
Consumer Reports is one of the more popular websites, as the guide puts a focus on safety, reliability and value. The company has built a database of new and used car info that gives registered users the Carvana Vs Vroom lowdown on each vehicle via “model overview pages.” In order to detail some of the more popular vehicles for 2010, the company released data on which of these pages got the most hits throughout the year.
In terms of used cars, Honda vehicles were by far the most popular. The Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V and Pilot occupied the top four spots on the list, possibly suggesting that the brand has supplanted Toyota as one of the top used car choices in the wake of this year’s recall scandal.
However, Toyota wasn’t completely left off the list. The Camry and Highlander came in at #9 and #10 on the used car list, respectively, while the RAV-4 placed eighth on the new listing.
The used BMW 3 Series continues to be a year-in and year-out top seller for the German automaker, earning one of the rare sedan spots on the list. The vast majority of the spots were awarded to SUVs and crossovers, many of which were seen on both lists. The Acura MDX and Hyundai Santa Fe appear on both, with Hyundai’s Sonata also placing eighth on the new car list.
There was also a correlation between the website’s own “top picks” and which cars got the most clicks. The Subaru Forester, for instance, was the top-rated new car and also had quite a few people searching for new models after it was recommended by the guide in April.
Interestingly, all of the cars on the used list were foreign, while domestic automakers posted a stronger showing for new cars. The Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Traverse each made the new car list, with cars from Chrysler noticeably absent.
Drivers considering purchasing a vehicle should be sure to do comprehensive research ahead of time in order to make an informed decision. They should also keep in mind that by shopping used cars for sale, they can save significantly off new ones.

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