Classic Car Care or Retro Look With a Car Loan?

The other day, I was at a classic car show, and I was talking to a buddy of mine, and I had my digital camera out taking pictures of everything, and in the parking lot on the way into the car show there was one of those new T-Birds with the retro look. It had extra fender flares, and some Types Of Vehicle Maintenance aftermarket stuff, but it really looked cool, and it looked quite old, but being a car buff I realized that it was probably built a couple years ago. And it probably cost him a bundle, considering that it was new and all the work which had been done, and therefore it wasn’t cheap.
After going through the car show, there were some actual vintage T-Birds, and they were all decked out and very beautiful, and I talked to some of the owners there that had spent a pretty penny on all the components, and keeping them all original. One of them won third place in Best of Show category, and I believe he deserved it. It was amazing the amount of work he had put in, and it was a daily driver. This is the car he drove around in, which is even more impressive considering he placed so high at the car show.
As I was going back out into the parking lot, I saw the individual get into his car with his wife in the more modern retro T-Bird, and we had a quick chat because we love cars, and he said that he had about $52,000 in the car, which is very similar to the amount Car Safety Ratings 2019 of money that the classic car owner had in his T-Bird, although the classic T-Bird also had intrinsic value due to its “real classic” label and category. The owner of the new T-Bird said his insurance was quite high, and he was making loan payments.
The old classic owner probably didn’t have any loan payments, as he had paid as he went as he was fixing it up, but it’s obvious he had the same amount of money in it. So that brings up another good question; do you spend your time and money to rebuild a classic car, or do you just go buy one, or do you instead enjoy the retro look, and never worry about it breaking down, because the car is virtually new?
More and more people are thinking this way, especially as they get older, and they wish to live, or relive part of the past, but they don’t want to be broken down on the side of the road, or constantly working on their car. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, as it is just an observation, but a relatively intriguing question. I’m sure as a classic car enthusiast yourself, you would agree, and perhaps you’ve discussed this reality as well.

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