Child Vehicular Safety

It is next to impossible to never have to drive a child around. Most people drive their baby home from the hospital, take it to regular doctor’s appointments, and bring the child while running errands. However, most cars and trucks are built with adults in mind, and they are created to keep adults safe. When a child is in a car, there are certain things that you can do to help keep your precious cargo from getting injuries in case of an accident.
Overall, there are several safety features that you can have in a car to help keep both you and your child safe. Cars are now available that have side-curtain airbags to help in rollovers. Also, you can drive a vehicle with a front-seat sensor to detect the size of the person in the passenger seat. If it is a lighter child, the airbag may not inflate as much because a strong inflation can actually do more damage than a wreck itself.
Also, you can make sure that your car is up-to-date on its oil changes and fluid levels. Checking your tires to help keep them free from blowouts is another way that you can make a simple check to protect your child and yourself. Enabling your anti-lock brake system and even practicing safe driving techniques are still more ways that you can take small steps towards the safety of your cargo.
There are several things that you can buy to outfit your auto for child safety. First, for kids that are both under a year old and under 20 pounds, you should get rear-facing car seats. While you can purchase seats that are specifically for riding in the car, you can also get convertible bases that connect your regular baby carrier to a rear-facing base in the vehicle.
Only when a kid is over one year old and over 20 pounds is it safe to move from a rear-facing seat. You may be able to convert your rear-facing chair into a front-facing device, or buy Car Maintenance Chart By Brand a separate carrier altogether. As your toddler ages, you can get booster seats with special harnesses that raise a child to the level that the seat belt can also help protect them.
Booster seats are also a good idea even for school-aged children. While not all states have rear-passenger seat belt laws, seat belts have shown to be extremely helpful in keeping a passenger from Car Maintenance Reddit getting bumped around in a wreck. To make the belt more comfortable, you can purchase a high-back or even backless booster chair to manipulate the seat belt into a more protective position.
Lastly, it is recommended that kids under the age of twelve do not ride in the front seat. And any time a child is in the car, he or she should wear a seat belt.
Sometimes, even buying special booster seats cannot help you protect your child. Product defects, misconstructed roads, and reckless drivers can put you and your kid at risk for injury or even death. For more information on auto accidents, take a look at the personal injury law firm Levinson Axelrod, PA, today.

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