Cheap Rental Cars – Five Ways to Pay Less

Renting a car doesn’t have to be hassle once you reach the airport – and it may surprise you to know one Rent A Car Bendigo little secret the rental car companies don’t want you to know: the price of that vehicle is negotiable!
1. Travel Off-Season: This is the surest way to get a cheap rental car price. During peak season in nearly any tourist destination the cars are hot items; some popular car hire companies will even completely sell out their lot of vehicles! Off-peak travel though is a whole different ball game. The car hire companies are eager to rent out as many as possible because there is just not a lot of business coming in.
2. Negotiate: If you’re standing there at the rental car company and they are that close to closing the deal, they’re going to negotiate. The power though is in knowing that negotiations are possible. If you’ve already booked ahead via the internet then there is little room for negotiating the rental car prices. But if you’re a walk-up customer, refuse the first price they offer, in fact, refuse the second one too!
3. Stay Polite: This should be a given in any negotiations, but certainly with you’re trying to negotiate a cheaper price. Berating the employees makes the experience more frustrating and will rarely accomplish the goal: Car Maintenance Website a cheaper rental car price. In fact, in some cases the agent will keep the price high just to spite you. Instead, try in a bit of humor with a big friendly smile and you’ll make the negotiations that much more fun.
4. State Your Bottom-Line: Although some might argue this a weakness in negotiations, it’s actually a strength. Once you have a rough idea how much the rental car should actually cost then name your bottom line as about half the price you are willing to pay; by halving your desired end price you are still leaving room for the agent at to negotiate.
5. Walk Away: The walk-away works. It truly does. Used sparingly this can be the most effective tool on the list for renting a car on the cheap. The rental car company does not want to lose your business (or rather your cold hard cash) and they know that there dozens of other possible rental agencies. Don’t be rude about the “walk-away;” instead, thank the person for working with you, state that it is out of your budget and, quite literally, pick up your bags and walk away. If they let you walk away, move on to a new company, you know their bottom-line and can come back. More than likely though they will call you back.
If you’re at the airport, then there are a ton of rental companies – if you’re willing to shop around you might just save enough money on the car to justify an extra pint at the pub or entry into an excellent museum.

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