Cheap Car Insurance – Car Safety

Car safety may seem to be something that you assume most people take for granted – it really means just making sure your car is locked and possibly has an alarm and/or a crook lock as well. Whilst it can mean all these things and important though they are, there are several aspects of car safety that are key from an insurance point of view, and do affect your car insurance and how much you pay for it.
Your insurance company will assume or take it for granted that your car is in a good roadworthy condition and fit to drive. It will also assume that the driver is properly qualified and of a legal age to drive. In insurance terms these assumptions are known as warranties and they can be implied or explicit. That means they may be spelled out specifically in the policy or simply assumed as fact. Either way they apply and people should be aware of them. If either of these types of warranty are not complied with, there is a good chance your insurance company will void the policy.
This is because your insurance policy is a legal document, and if you don’t comply with any part of your side of the contract the other side, in this case the insurance company, may well turn round and refuse to pay any claim, and refund your premium. Not a situation you want to be in, especially if you are a facing a serious law suit for third party damages.
Car safety applies to the physical and mental state of the driver, and again it is assumed you are in a fit state to drive the car. This means that if you have been drinking or taking drugs, then your insurance company may well try to void all or part of the contract on the same basis as above.
Car safety is also a factor when applying for car insurance, and in the insurance underwriters determining how much you should pay for your car insurance. The factor that normally determines this type of rating is where your car is parked at night, Audi Auto Trader either on the street or in a secure lock up such as a garage. If it is kept in a secure place, it is obviously less of a risk and less likely to be stolen than if it is left out overnight on a street. As such your insurance premium should be lower.
Be careful to make sure that your insurance company doesn’t make it a warranty of the policy that your car is kept locked up overnight. That could be a hassle if you forget or can’t be bothered one night.
Also if you buy any locks or security systems for your car and are hoping for a discount from your insurance company, check with them first. They may give Best 10 Year Old Used Cars To Buy discounts only on certain brands of manufacturers that they approve of and will only give you a discount if you buy these or fit their alarm systems.

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