Cheap Auto Insurance – Automobile Features That Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

Here’s helpful information on automobile safety features that reduces the rates you pay for automobile insurance. These features are known by auto insurance providers and they happily award discounts to customers who own cars that have them installed.
Here are some of the features that will save you money on car insurance
Rear Parking Sensors: This is often called the park assist system. It works by raising an alarm when the driver is getting to close to an object or a human while parking in reverse mode. This helps car drivers to park safely in tight spaces and notifies them of dangers in rears areas that are normally out of sight range.
Side Curtain Air Bags: This is also referred to as the head curtain air bag. They normally protect the head and torso of the people in the car from injury during an accident. The good news with What Is The Most Reliable Ford Car the feature is that the air bags have the ability to extend from the front of the vehicle to the rear; this provides additional protection for the people sitting in the rear of the car.
Rear Cargo Netting: This is a helpful feature for vehicles with hatchbacks and SUVs. This netting keeps your heavy luggage from moving about freely as the vehicle moves. The absence of this netting could pose a serious danger for the people in the car if the car suddenly stops or moves round a sharp bend carrying heavy items.
High Quality Tires: The importance of good tires can not be over emphasized. Good tires give the car driver better control of the steering, they make the brakes to work well and they even make the Free Car Insurance people in the car more comfortable on bad roads. Make sure your wheels are always aligned and your vehicle tires operate at the right pressures. To achieve this is easy; do frequent checks!
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