Cells Phones and Car Safety

When you think about car safety you think about buckling up, making complete stops, following the speed limit, we don’t think about is using our cell phones while we are driving. This is quickly becoming one of the top reasons for automobile accidents!
It is just so convenient to pick up the phone and dial out to our family and friends while driving. Even worse, we are now picking up our phones and sending texts while driving, how inconsiderate are we?
We are so oblivious to our surroundings while we are driving today, adding a cell phone is like putting on a blind fold with just a very small opening that we peek through every few seconds just to make sure we are still driving straight. More and more states are adding cell phone use while driving against the law, but unfortunately this is an addiction that is hard to break.
With today’s fast pace environment and the need to hurry up, cell phones in cars are making driving today a high risk of an accident and causing minor to serious injuries including death. The next time you are sitting in your car at a red light watch the drivers going by and count how many of them are on a cell phone, the numbers are staggering.
How would you like to be the next victim to a driver on the cell phone? Just recently there was a motorcycle fatality in Illinois. A young driver was on their cell phone texting while they When Can A Child Stop Using A Booster Seat were driving, because they were not paying attention they rear-ended a motorcycle while it was sitting still waiting for the light to turn green. It is like being under the influence.
How can we prevent this from happening, simple, do not use your cell phone in the car! That will stop unnecessary accidents and deaths. Another option would be pulling over in a parking lot or Car Sales In Jakarta rest stop and then make your phone calls and/or texts. If you feel these options are not viable to you, then spend a few extra dollars and purchase a hands-free headless set for your phone.
Let’s all lookout for each other and stop using our phones while driving, and see our families each night.

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