Cars That We Wish Were Still Made

Ever watch an old movie and wonder why they do not make certain cars anymore? Like everything else in our world, things are constantly changing and just because something is loved does not mean that manufacturers will continue to produce a good. It’s one of the annoying things that happens as time progresses. But is out with the old and in with the new always a good motto? When it comes to some cars, there are some that we wish were still made in today’s world. This article will explore these cars and discuss what made them great in their time. Don’t expect to see them anytime soon though, unless you are at a classic car show.
One of the most sought after collectible cars would be the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. This car was only produced for a few short years before Chevy discontinued making it. So what makes this car so desirable? This car was ahead of its time in terms of speed. The iconic car could go from zero to 60 in 5.6 seconds which was amazing in the 60s.
Who doesn’t remember what an El Camino looks like? This car is one of a kind. Many try to place this car to certain class levels and demographic stereotypes, but everyone should enjoy this car. The notion behind this original design was to have the utility of a truck but the mindset of a car. Obviously for Chevy this did not work out for very long, but it didn’t stop them from trying to reinvent the wheel and give it a new name. The SSR was another short lived car from Chevy that could presumably be modeled with the El Camino in mind.
Though Ford still makes the Mustang, it looks nothing like the version that appeared in the 60s. Car lovers everywhere can appreciate the beauty that was put into the mustang when it came out in 1964. This car is the one on the list that I would put my vote behind revisiting. You hear that Car Dealer Holding Keys Ford? The classic design just draws people in. I dare you to look at this car and tell me that it is not a beauty. Especially when you think about driving it around town on a gorgeous day with the top down. And yes, while you are driving people are staring because they are jealous!
Another 60s iconic car would be the 1961 Lincoln Continental. Lincolns of today aren’t necessarily known for making their way onto an iconic list but this one did. One of the best features of this car was the center opening, suicide doors. How awesome would it have been to sit in this beauty?
Like we said, these are just a few of the cars that we wish were still made. By that we don’t mean the reinvented version that these cars may have become. No, we mean these Toyota Wish For Sale cars, as they are, here on this list. The 60s were good to American car manufacturing. Car companies should think about using some of these designs in the future.

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