Car Wash for the Big Fish

As in any business, a car wash is no exception to falling on rough times in downed economic patches. While a car wash is adept to providing service, conventional wisdom points to the need for consumers either not equipped or motivated to clean their own vehicles. What if; however, there is an opportunity for an unlimited supply of business for a detail shop with the possibility to add service to customers for an extended period of time?
The proposal consists of a marketing strategy involving local car dealerships and car cleaning services. While some dealerships have a detail department, these departments are generally small and only needed How To Start A Car Dealership In South Africa with a used trade-in or when a car is ready to be sold. A representative from a local wash could speak with a dealer representative setting a new standard that proves beneficial to both companies.
The proposal for the dealership is to supply all dealership washing and detailing needs. In other words, the dealership shows up any time to what amounts to be an efficient, time-effective wash and detail for a largely discounted monthly fee. The dealership has a second incentive for this deal that passes to their customers. The purchase of their new or used vehicle would be stocked with a yearlong (52 weeks) support of washes available at any of the car wash locations around the city. The dealership would be able to use this support and service as a selling point for their customers.
The proposal for the car wash is a nearly unlimited amount of customers year-round. The service provided would be more than enough to turn large profits and allow for dual advertisement in both the dealership and the wash location. These services tend to slow down slightly during winter months; however, with a deal like this in place, there would be no problem generating business in these less than stellar months. The biggest attraction for the wash; however, is the incentive to provide great service to the customers that recently purchased a vehicle, gave the free detail service a shot, and returned after their subscription expired.
The incentives range far and wide and would potentially raise business for both parties. Many different deals could be attached to this proposal in an effort to avoid a one size fits all mentality. The possibilities are Volkswagen Lupo For Sale nearly endless considering the amount of dealerships and styles of car wash in the country. The proposal would revolutionize the way people think about car washes and would ensure better business for both parties.
At the time this article was written, the author works at a detailing shop. From experience and seeing many dealerships with one or two workers in a detailing department, this proposal almost seems like a home-run from the beginning. Both businesses can benefit and work together to ensure customer service for years to come.

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