Car Safety Tips

This is a non reality, there are so many different ways thieves have concocted to steal your car. Slim Jims and other devices for getting in cars and starting them have made it easy money for thieves. The majority of car thieves sell the vehicles for Facebook Cars Under 1000 parts or use them for illegal activities. Some use stolen vehicles for smuggling drugs. Whatever the reason regardless of how safe you think your car is, it probably isn’t. Here are some tips to protecting your asset and giving you piece of mind.
Keep your vehicle in a well lighted area at night away from streets with heavy traffic. Many thieves operate in well trafficked area knowing Car Dealer Holding Keys that most people won’t notice or may even help them break into the car, thinking they are helping out a person locked out of their car.
Purchase a device such as a CLUB steering wheel lock. These devices can be broken but they are a great visual deterrent to thieves. The CLUB is still available for about $30.00. Another idea is to get an alarm for your vehicle. If you purchase a new car make sure to look into keyless locking devices and an alarm system. These can seem like a pain but they may save your car from theft in the long run.
When purchasing your car consider a vehicle that doesn’t bring attention to itself. Many thieves target higher priced or fast cars especially when used in illegal activities. If you park your vehicle at home consider installing floodlights in the front of your garage. Most of these work on a photocell and use very little electricity. They are easy to install and relatively cheap.
A lot of things you can do to protect your vehicle are simple common sense. Always lock your vehicle and keep your windows rolled up. Remember to park in a well lite area and try to buy a vehicle that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Purchase insurance which covers theft and other incidences. Check with your insurance company and make sure it covers your vehicle adequately. Consider your vehicle one of your most valuable assets and your own common sense will help you protect it. Vehicles seem to be safe if we lock them but there are many other things we can do to ensure our vehicles safety and our own piece of mind.

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