Car Safety – The Blurring Line Between the iPhone and iPod

Since December the 1st 2003, it has been illegal to use a hand held mobile and drive at the same time. The law goes onto be more precise t by declaring it is illegal to use a hand held device that is used for reasons for written and verbal communication. Car Dealer Let Me Walk Out Although not illegal, hands free has been even declared as an distraction. But how does this relate to the iPhone and iPod? Could these blur the lines of the law, due to their interactive nature which could be potentially distracting and hazardous?!
It has been an argument around for awhile. Is your iPhone or Mp3 player a device that could endanger your safety? Almost everyone is aware of the potential hazards these devices could create, and it is in fact written to legislation that you cannot use Why Dealers Don T Negotiate a hand-held device that has internet and email capabilities. To get into the intricacies, it is illegal to use any hand held device that is a mobile or similar when the engine is running, even when stationary – so no using even when in traffic jams.
The line is very blurry with especially iPhones because they have communicative as well as mp3 capabilities, making them note entirely legal to use when driving. To be safe, it is recommended overall that you handle no devices, including Mp3 players when driving as these still can distract you. It’s vital that you focus your attention on the road at all times, even when stationary in a traffic jam.
A device is considered distracting if it stops you from effectively driving safely. For instance, if it distracts you by taking your eyes off the road longer than they should be, that device is considered to be distracting. Noise can also be distracting as well, as it can stop you from using your hearing in order to listen to other cars and traffic, as well as the sound of your own car. Keeping any hands free conversations or music on your car mp3 player down to a good level, will help you engage all your senses in the driving process.
Currently, there’s a few safety focused car audio entertainment options on the market, which help to avoid you getting distracted, including car Bluetooth players which allow you to control your incoming and outgoing calls via your voice, rather than the phone. You must always take safety into your own hands too, by avoiding using devices which will distract you from driving.

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