Car Rental in Cape Town Airport – 4 Reasons It Makes Perfect Sense

Ah, Cape Town! Who can deny the charm of South Africa’s oldest city? Whether you’re flying to the Cape for its vineyards or going there for its shipwrecks, there’s no denying this city has lots to offer. Keep your stay headache-free by getting a car rental in Cape Town airport. Here’s why a rental is a MUST in the Cape.
1. Protection From Theft
Let’s be real about this: South Africa is not the safest place to be in the world. While in the Cape, you will have to keep an eye out for muggers and pickpockets. Zips are a favorite of theirs, and they usually hang around crowded areas. Do you really want to risk your safety by lining up for your ride at the Cape Town railway station or getting on a crowded bus? Getting a car rental in Cape Town airport is not an absolute assurance of safety, but it does reduce the chances that you will get robbed.
2. Safety
There’s no way to say this except bluntly: a car is the safest mode of transportation you could ever hope to find in the area. Don’t believe me? Okay, look up “cape town taxi” Bye New Car on Google Images. What do you see? A mini-bus with people perched on top and hanging out of the windows? That, unfortunately, is what passes for a taxi in the Cape.
But wait—that’s not even the worst of it! If you could peek inside these taxis, you will most likely find 20 or so people packed like tuna inside. These taxis are so over-crowded the passengers inside can barely move their elbows It’s not a pleasant experience at all, and it’s highly dangerous! To no one’s surprise, there have been a lot of accidents involving Cape taxis.
3. Convenience
Forget whatever hogwash you read online about public transport in Cape Town. The transportation situation there will make you cry. The buses and trains are over-crowded, and their mini-bus cabs are no better. Then there’s the fact that you cannot stop a taxi in the middle of the road. You have to call for a taxi or walk all the way to a taxi stand, to get a ride. Why not save yourself the aggravation by getting your own car instead? With a rental, you don’t have to line up for tickets, and you don’t have to worry about being crammed in a mini-bus taxi with 20 other people!
4. Maximum Sightseeing Pleasure
Cape Town is a beautiful place, but there’s no way you can do a lot of sightseeing unless you get your own transportation. Without a car, you will find it impossible to visit the legendary True Value Of A Car Robben Island, Chapmans Peak Drive, and Two Oceans Aquarium in one day. You may not even get to whale watch in Hermanus, which lies 112 kilometers away from the town center!
Book your rental before you fly to South Africa’s most popular destination. A car rental in Cape Town airport is the cheapest, quickest, and safest way to explore the city bar none!

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