Car Fire Extinguisher Facts

Recently near Hawick in the United Kingdom two members of the public were highly praised by the fire service after they heroically rescued a man and a woman from a burning car on the A7 road.
The car had crashed in the early hours of the morning and rolled off of the road where it then burst into flames and began to burn, putting the two occupants in serious danger of suffocation from smoke fumes or burning to death as the flames spread.
Luckily for the couple who were driving the car a taxi driver and a van saw the accident happen and quickly pulled over to give assistance. They managed to smash open the sun roof on the vehicle and pull the two occupants to safety before the car exploded in flames. Thankfully the couple only received minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital. A very lucky escape for both the man and woman as the accident could have been extremely serious indeed.
But what do you do if you see such an accident or you are present in a vehicle as it catches fire? 3M Clear Vinyl Wrap For Cars Well there are a couple of things that can help to save your life or those of someone else.
Firstly it is advisable to carry a fire extinguisher in the vehicle. The most common and best suited for use in a motor vehicle would be a powder Independent Car Seat Testing model. They come in various sizes with the 0.6kg, 1kg and 2kg ABC or BC Powder models being the most popular due to their compact size.
Depending upon the size of the car or van would really depend on what model you use. A standard family car would be adequately protected by the 0.6kg or 1kg fire extinguisher with the 2kg version being best suited to a van or motor home.
The powder extinguisher is perfect for use on a car because it covers so many varied classes of fire. These include class A which would involve materials such as cloth, wood or plastics which can be found in many cars. Well, maybe not wood unless you have a classic car or a top end luxury model with a walnut dashboard.
Dry powder is also perfectly safe to use on electrical equipment and all modern vehicles have plenty of electrical components in their manufacture. Now the engine will be useless after powder is sprayed onto it in the event of a fire, but hey, after a fire takes hold its going to the end of that vehicle anyway.
What the extinguisher will allow is for you to contain and extinguish the flames and prevent the vehicle from being completely destroyed. This will save a lot of hassle and time for the fire services who should always be called to ensure the fire has been completely put out.
Powder extinguishers are also safe to use on oil and petrol and will effectively extinguish these classes of fire too.
If there is someone trapped in the car and the flames are too hot to effectively allow you to rescue the person the powder extinguisher can combat the fire and allow you to get the person out.
The models designed for cars are compact and can fit in the glove box, under the seat or in the door compartments.
Say you have a classic car and the engine goes up in flames? Use the extinguisher to put out the fire and the body of the car is still good. All you need do is replace the engine. A much cheaper option than losing that collectible car you have lovingly restored.
Most commercial vehicles carry an extinguisher by law, so as a domestic driver don’t you think you should have one too?

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