Car Dealers – The Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta conjures up different opinions depending on who you ask. For some it is a basic and boring choice, but recent buyers may have a very different opinion. It is a veteran of the Ford empire, and is obviously a success as it is now being sold in its sixth generation. The How To Waterproof A Car Cover original Fiesta first debuted in 1976 and was a small cheap car made for families that could not afford some of the larger and dearer cars of the time. Car dealers were initially surprised at how well it sold, and by 1978 the Fiesta became the top selling ‘supermini’ in Britain.
The Fiesta mark II is probably the first recognisable Fiesta, as the first version is now rarely seen but the mark II has successfully prevailed well into the noughties. In 1987 it had its best ever year, selling over 150,000 models. Ford car dealers obviously made a tidy profit that year! The mark III and mark IV versions were also successful, and every time a version was updated, it became a success. These models are also still around, and have become representative of young new drivers and their first cars.
In 1999 car dealers began to stock the new version of the mark IV. The front of the car had been updated to look more like the new Ford Focus. This enabled the Fiesta to retain its popularity and keep up to date. It has continued to successfully achieve 2019 Toyota Corolla Model Cars this right into the very different world of today. In 2002 the mark V Fiesta was unveiled, which bears no resemblance to the original Fiesta at all, but looking at the progression of styles, it does make sense for the Fiesta to have turned out this way.
Car dealers today are now showing the brand new mark VI Fiesta, which is the most recent form of the popular classic. It has been designed to have a completely different appearance and looks incredibly streamlined and stylish compared to its Fiesta ancestors. To catapult it into modern times it comes in a brilliant selection of colours, from black to hot magenta. Car dealers all over the country have now got this new version on show and now time will tell if it can maintain the success of the Fiesta.

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