Car Dealers – Do You Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Car sharing, recycling, buying environmentally friendly products and ‘switching off’ are all becoming the norm these days and are not just reserved for the eco-warrior hippy types of days gone by. People are quickly realising the need to reduce carbon emissions, slow global warming and reduce what goes in to our poor landfill sites. Individuals that may be aware of this are your local car dealers. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, go and shop around, they may have some things up their sleeves you hadn’t thought about before…
Environmentally friendly cars are not all about standing out from the crowd and are not just reserved for the rich and famous anymore. You have probably been passed on the street by one, and these days, you just wouldn’t know it. Hybrid cars are so readily available now and chances are your local car dealers will have one or two for you to look at. So what are you waiting for?
The market for hybrids is growing at an astonishing rate. Some people buy them because they want to copy those eco friendly celebrities (Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt etc.) and some buy them to keep ahead of the game, as experts have forecast that all cars will possibly need to be hydrolysed Car Seat Bayi Second at some point in the future. However most consumers buy them to save money on fuel costs, lower carbon emissions and ultimately play a part in saving the planet. Regardless of which category you fall into, it would be wise to do your research to see which model is the right one for you.
The Toyota Prius is the one that you have probably heard of before. It is by far the most popular choice for the environmentally conscious, and the fact that it looks pretty good as well as being Car Dealer Franchise Laws a brilliant car overall is probably the reason for this. Your local car dealers may even be able to offer you a second hand one of these, as the Prius is already at the 3rd generation.
The hybrids that you may not have heard of are the Honda Insight, and the Lexus RX450h among many others. The Lexus is the one to go for if you are used to high spec, company executive type cars and you have the money to splash out. It’s a lot more expensive than the Prius, but looks pretty swish and has loads of extras. It’s a great car to get if you want to do your bit, but it’s also perfect for keeping up with the Joneses.
The Honda Insight is cheaper than the Prius but much the same looks wise. It also has the fun little extra (perfect if you’re still just a big kid inside, not unlike myself) of a virtual ‘flower garden’. The less petrol you use by keeping revs low and using the electric power source more often than not, the bigger and prettier your flowers will become. I realise that this will probably not appeal to the majority of men out there, but just think about what joys it will bring to your significant other and perhaps your children if you have any.
The best benefit of these hybrids though, is that most of them are tax exempt or have greatly reduced tax prices. They are also eligible for a 100% discount on the congestion charge which, if you live in London, is an extremely useful thing indeed. Caring for the environment is not the only reason why you should buy a hybrid; you can find many other benefits by shopping around. Go and ask some car dealers near you, you might be surprised at how many hybrids there actually are out there.

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