Car Buying Tips – Watch Out for the Salesman in the Service Department

Here is a little trick that I learned during my brief career as a car salesman. When you take your car to the dealer for service, watch out for the salesman that “just happens” to be walking around and strikes up a conversation with you. More times than not, there is a purpose to your encounter. He is trying to sell you on looking for a new car.
If you think about it, this is a perfect time to place the seed in your head. If your car is in the shop for something being wrong with it, you will probably be more open to thinking about getting a new one. And after all, you are very close to the show room and car lot where there are all of those new and inviting cars.
Chances are in the course of your “conversation”, the salesman will say something like “come on in the showroom, it is more comfortable in there”. Once you are in the showroom, the sales tactics really start. One of the Cars Protection Plus Repair Shops things that the salesman will probably say is “it can’t hurt to just look”. Yes it can if you were not looking for a car already. You might end up driving out of the dealership in a new car if you are not careful.
Now days, the car business has a better reputation than years ago, but there are still little tricks that are used to get customers and sell Weekly Vehicle Maintenance Checklist cars. Being aware of some of them will make you a better consumer and less susceptible to fall into some of the traps that they set.
So remember, the salesman that just happens to be walking through the service department when you are there and strikes up a conversation just might have ulterior motives.

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