Car Buying Tips – Beginning the Car Buying Process

Once you completed your due diligence with all the research on the car you’ve been looking at and the car buying process, and you feel confident in your findings and approach… let’s step up to the plate and start the process.
Quite honestly, the first car dealer you’ll probably want to visit would be your local dealership. First of all, it will be more convenient for you, but more importantly, it will give your local dealer the first chance to put a good deal together for you.
Local car dealers, don’t want you to end up somewhere down the road buying a car, and then coming back into their territory with another dealer’s license tag or decal on your car and driving around. So, see what kind of car deal you can get done at your local car dealership first.
The whole idea of the process is to get the best new car deal that you can; and for this reason at this point in time, you don’t want your trade-in (if you have one) introduced into the process. So, park your car somewhere out of sight, or better yet, get the dealership in a car other than the one you want to trade in. Remember, we want to only discuss the price of the new car at this point in time.
Another reason for this is that salespeople are constantly evaluating potential buyers. The do this in a number of different ways. One of which is what type of car you just drove onto the lot with. Other evaluation criteria include; did you come alone, are you with a friend, your husband, your wife, your dad, how are you dressed, and on and on.
The reason for all of this is that salespeople over time develop a profile of the type of person Leader Accessories Car Cover that works for them. Now this doesn’t always hold to be true… but many times it does.
Car salespeople want what they perceive is going to be the path of least resistance to a sale… who wouldn’t? And they also want to be in a situation where they think it will be the easiest for them to control the person and the car buying process.
So, if you don’t let them see your car or your trade-in, you’ve removed a criteria factor from the equation and made How To Market Cars Online it more difficult for them to ‘size up’ the situation. This helps you to stay in control and that’s the goal.
Many times (particularly if you’ve not been through the car buying process much) it is a good idea to bring a friend or a neutral party with you. That way they can act as an anchor and keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds when you start looking over the cars and trying to fend off the salesperson’s questions and stay in control.

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