Car Buying Made Easy – Use a Car Buying Agent

A car buying agent provides consumers the opportunity to have someone working for them to get the best trade-in and the best price for a new or used car. Buyer’s agents are paid by the consumer to save them time, money, and the trouble of negotiating a deal. A contract is made between the buyer and agent with a flat fee from $500 – $1000, with no mark up on the price of the car. The agent will help the client with locating, negotiating, and the delivery of a new or used vehicle.

Agents receive nothing from the dealers. They have the knowledge and negotiating skills to assist you in getting the best price on a new or used car no matter if you Hyundai Tucson 7 Seater buy or lease. They also help with financing and trade-in negotiations. If it is time to buy a car or a fleet of cars, you should really check out a car buying agent.

Agents are not brokers. Brokers do not work for a particular dealer, but their money is made on commissions. The more you pay the more they make. Your car buying agent should know the best time to buy a car, and it may not be now. They study the trends that affect automobile prices and have more up to date industry information than what most individuals have access to.

What you don’t know about car buying that an agent should know may include:

Dealer pack charges (lot fee)

Reasonable dealer preparation fees (d & h fee)

Up to date information on dealer incentives

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How many points are added to your interest rate

The actual cash value of your trade-in

Useful warranty packages

Reasonable and necessary service fees

You need to do a little planning before contacting the car buying agent. Know the kind of vehicle, price range, and specific needs or options you are Should I Buy A New Car Or Keep My Old One looking for, know your credit score and loan amount you qualify for, and get a reference for your agent or check with the better business bureau.

Once you contact your agent ask to see their contract or get a consultation before signing. Ask about who will be handling the registration of the vehicle and who will be making the pay-off of any existing loan of your trade in. When it is time to take delivery of your vehicle, do a thorough inspection and make note of any anything that should be corrected. Make sure that changes or discrepancies are noted on all copies, and the selling dealership approves and signs off any changes or modifications. Have everything in writing, signed, and dated before delivery is accepted.

A search on the internet may help you find a car buying agent in your local area, however, they may be hard to find. All U Auto is the only licensed nationwide auto buying service; they can be found on the web and are a BBB accredited business.